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This is a community for tumblr refugees to reconnect with each other.

As of my writing this, this community is empty of posts and therefor, empty of tags to make it easier to find people of similar fandoms and content.

I please ask that when you tag your posts for your fandoms, you tag them in the format of "fandom: name of fandom" (i.e. "fandom: kingdom hearts" or "fandom: mcu") so that way the fandom tags stay nested and easy to find if a dreamwidth newcomer is looking for people with similar fandoms to add to their circle. If this community gains some traction, I will go through and edit tags if necessary to keep it clean, but I ask for your assistance in this, if only to maker it easier for people to find each other.

As for your posts in general, just post who you are and who you were on tumblr, and your general interests and fandoms and content you produce and start connecting with each other!

Here's a simple template you can use in case your brain blanks out as you're trying to promote yourself. You do not have to use this template if you do not want to, but it's there if you need it.

ETA: please make a new post instead of commenting on this post with your journal promos in order to guarantee visibility.

Comments from this point on this post are screened.

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A couple of people have started posting helpful resources and tutorials both in this community and outside of the community, and I've begun adding these posts into memories for the people that are new to dreamwidth.

If anybody in the community that was already familiar with dreamwidth has any helpful posts, or if anyone in your circle has made helpful posts, let me know so I can add them to memories.

Another rat

Apr. 7th, 2019 08:07 pm
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My tumblr url: (to be archived) huntedjunker.tumblr.com,

Other sites: Twitter: @huntedjunker

My fandoms: DC Comics Batman (pre-52/RIP, Batman (Arkham franchise), Overwatch, Mad Max, Final Fantasies, Fable III, Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Robin Hobb’s Elderlings/Farseer saga, GoT, MCU, Invader Zim, JtHM, Disney.

What kind of content I post: Here? Fanfiction/writing & musings, fandom dissection, heavy meta mostly. Reblogs mostly reserved for twitter because its set up that way, unlike DW. I was a very passionate Batman, Joker fan back in the day; owned a 800+ count Joker comic collection, then I jumped ship with the introduction of RIP & New 52 ruining the canon. I lurk now.

Shitposts & reblogs (fandom and general interests) in twitter.

Access/commenting policies: All are welcome, however I do screen anons initially to weed out rubbish. IP logging is enabled only for my viewing; I used to be a magnet for trolls & anon cowards in tumblr who took a dislike to my stance on SJWs. Civil debates are one thing, valid posts; but I never got those. I never agreed or was comfortable with self projection & inserts, gender & race bending, and cultural stereotypes/appropriation. E.G In the Overwatch fandom, all the god awful Australian & indigenous Australian screw-ups.

My blogs are indeed NSFW, 18+. In regards to role-play & meta posts, expect triggerworthy content such as dubcon, substance abuse, slavery, suicide ideations, terato, and toxicity.

Anything else? I’m a 32 year old cis male. Don’t judge me for that.
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My tumblr url: swimthroughthefires

Other sites: AO3, twitter

My fandoms: Killjoys, TMFU, Whiskey Cavalier, MCU, Timeless, Mad Max: Fury Road, Brooklyn 99. Lots of lady-centric sci-fi/fantasy/action.

What kind of content I post: Mostly reblogs, occasionally commentary, occasionally fanfic. I am very chatty if you want to comment on tumblr messenger, DW, or twitter.

Access/commenting policies: I have anon commenting blocked on tumblr, everywhere else is open, iirc.

Anything else?: I tried for ten minutes to get a cute gif and it Did Not. Work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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My tumblr url: destiny-llama.tumblr.com

Other sites: My mastodon is quey.org/@destinyllama

My fandoms: Resident Evil, Castlevania, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gravity Falls, Furry, Alien, and horror in general. Dnd, i suppose?

What kind of content I post: I post a lot of art, stuff about my fandoms. fan fic, prompts, shitposts, ect. I do post nsfw at times, but its all put under the necessary content warning.

Access/commenting policies: None, go nuts.

Anything else?: I'm pretty friendly, and I'm looking to meet new people. F/23/Pan. Hit me up if you like creepy shit/are kinky/are LGBT. ESPECIALLY if you post art.
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My tumblr url:http://butwhatistrue.tumblr.com/
and http://schizosupport.tumblr.com/

Other sites: I have two accounts on archiveofourown, the newest is EarthToKit which only features star trek TOS content.

My fandoms: I'm going to name all I can remember, even though I'm not necessarily active. Miss sherlock, star trek TOS, marvel mcu, steven universe, white collar,the a-team,
Community, riverdale, daredevil (does this count as marvel mcu?), ...there gotta be more but I have horrible memory.

What kind of content I post: knowing myself, I'll be whining a lot about my life, that is, personal posts. I also occasionally talk about politics and fandom. And on tumblr I try to spread awareness of psychosis spec disorders, so maybe I'll do the same here. I'm not sure about the policy with pictures here, but I do intermediate level art in a cartoony to semirealistic style.

Access/commenting policies: I enjoy interaction and validation is my drug, so please do go ahead and interact with me :)

Anything else? Here are a bunch of labels that apply to me, if you're into that sort of thing: medicated for schizophrenia and adhd, I like to call it brainweird, polyamourous (in committed relationships with two people, one of whom is married), grey-ace and biromantic (into nb people and women), genderqueer (they/them), 27 years old, psychology student since forever (will I ever finish?), wannabe writer and artist.
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My tumblr url: http://catizza.tumblr.com/

Other sites: Instagram, Artstation

My fandoms: Warhammer30/40k, N. Ignatova, Altered Carbon, Originals

What kind of content I post: Artwork mostly (fanart and original, art-trades, sketches, traditional art, CG mixed media), photos of my handmade dolls and plushies, bios of original characters and fanfiction, news about my books and events. NSWF sometimes (mostly slash) under cut and with warning.

Access/commenting policies: Just be nice =) Feedback are welcome as long as it polite.

Anything else?: For WH40k fans - I'm a Raven Guard fangirl, and sometimes I draw female space marines for my freinds. If you don't like it - just scroll it down. I'll respect any opinion, but no fights, please.
PS. My first language is Russian, and my English is not very good, so I beg my pardon for possible mistakes.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.
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My tumblr url: cruisedirector.tumblr.com

Other sites: I'm cruisedirector pretty much everywhere fannish, including AO3 and all the LJ clones (or cruisedirectr on occasion when the former spelling was taken by an actual cruise director)

My fandoms: Star Trek, especially Voyager and DS9; Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings; MCU; Les Misérables; Doctor Who; The King's Speech

What kind of content I post: These days mostly TV and art blather

Access/commenting policies: Ask and ye shall receive

Anything else?: I'm probably old enough to be your mother
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My tumblr url: Kabre for my art, Kabretoss for reblags.

Other sites: My folio. Used to have a dA but I don't update it anymore.

My fandoms: I am, at best, a casual fan. Star Trek, Tamora Pierce, Temeraire, general genre nerdery.

What kind of content I post: Art and writing! Fantasy especially. Queer content! I'm bi and in an LTR with another lady nerd, so there's plenty of that. Animator content! I background paint for an animation studio, and I post about work sometimes. In general, a smoothie of personal posts, art posts, writing, and discussions of story and narrative. I'm big on narrative.

Access/commenting policies: Some stuff's screened, usually the more personal posts, but if you're interested enough to add me likely I'll add you back. I'm using it a little bit like a hybrid of old-school LiveJournal and current tumblr -- I want to combine the vivacity and thoughtfulness of tumblr with the personal touch and ability to interact of LJ.

Anything else?: Looking for other writers/genre nerds/artists! I'm not super active fandom-wise (although I dipped into panfandom DWRP a few years ago). Also, anyone's welcome, but I would especially love to touch base with other 30-ish nerds. Tumblr makes a gal feel old. :u


Jan. 16th, 2019 01:02 pm
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My tumblr url: https://desiredmeat.tumblr.com/

Other sites: Twitter, instagram, DA

My fandoms: inuyasha, naruto, yuyuhakusho,  (old ones I know), monster lovers, creatures, sometimes anthro. tho I lurk many others

What kind of content I post: Art/sketchbook, irl life stuff, ect most is stated on my journal sticky

Access/commenting policies: uh some posts are public and others are not I dont mind adding people back tho.

Anything else?: I'm open to a a lot but looking for fellow artists be it people in writing, media,  music, or general content creators.I'm actually pretty new to DW and was looking for something akin to back in the days when I used LiveJournal.So far I'm loving the site, would love to make new friends here as well to be more active on this site. My journal is pretty art centric with a few locked posts here and there. Feel free to add and say hello <3

P.S this is the only tumblr to survive the purge which left a sour taste in my mouth to just no longer use tumblr.

[personal profile] chanbones
My tumblr url: lovdion, shin-chan-hates-everyone. Going to delete my whole account soon.
Other sites: ghastveins on FurAffinity, Wysp, InkBunny, Weasyl, and ToyHouse (I haven't posted any content yet, but I will very soon!).ChanBones on WattPad. @ghastveins on Twitter. @ghastveins@monsterpit.net on Mastodon. MortifiedHandlers on Knuffel and Goatlings. Luvage on Plurk, Subeta, Voltra, and TatteredWeave
My fandoms: Furry, Black Butler, The Seven Deadly Sins, Pokemon, Osomatsu, Deltarune.
What kind of content I post: Fandoms, art, comics, books, or social justice.
Access/commenting policies: Don't be a dick.
Anything else?: Fuck tumblr and I love you all.
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 My tumblr url(s): 
themaryiestsuetoeversue (the rp blog)

I'm not actually actively posting on either blog because I already backed everything up, but I do lurk and respond to private messages still. 

Other sites: Discord is personal, but I'm also cutecabaret on ao3. I have no works at the moment, though. 

My Fandoms: Ahaha...I've been so out of fandom as a whole lately, let me see if I can remember... Yu Yu Hakusho, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Inuyasha, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness, Persona 4/5, Trauma Center franchise, Sims, Carmilla the web series, Uglies YA novel franchise...currently engrossed in Crusader Kings 2 at the moment too. I float around a lot and am all over the place as a lurker/fandom consumer, but I'm hoping DW gets me to produce more content. I'm probably into a lot more than this list covers and I just forgot about them, whoops.

Non-fandom interests: Cats, goth subculture, writing as a craft, medicine and biology, history, animal behavior, disability related things. Tabletop gaming, video games as a whole, literature as a whole, vampires. Whatever new exciting thing catches my fancy.

What I post: Judging by my personal tumblr, most of my content is probably going to be personal shitposts, maybe an art post or two, rambling about my life and what's happening in it. Babbles about being a baby GM, gushing about pets, memories of tumblr (i really am going to miss it), blurbs about RP fun, bits of writing/oc things I want to/am working on. Video game pics and stories. Venting. 

Access/Commenting: The journal itself is SFW but there may be a few NSFW/Adult posts here and there. Anon commenting is allowed and only anon is screened for now, no ip logging. Access is given to personal friends only but friends-only posts will be very few and far between. I expect everybody in the comments to be civil, and absolutely no anti nonsense, please!

Anything else: I'm autistic, chronically ill with ???, and a lesbian, so personal posts about things of that nature will come up frequently. I'm also really new to DW format, so please bear with me as I figure everything out. I can already foresee myself fumbling HTML and CSS a lot. I like and write dark fic and triggering things sometimes too, always behind cuts/warnings. I do still sort of RP but DW format is not one I'm interested in (I have way too many icons for the cap, first of all) and at some point I'm probably gonna jury rig some sort of Discord hub for my RP (with crossposting to AO3). I'll probably mention it here when it happens. 
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My tumblr url: aidennestorm (not actively posting or logged into there anymore after The Purge/Nipplegate, but I'm leaving my blog as an archive until they take it down)

Other sites: aidennestorm @ AO3

My fandoms: Hamilton (active fandom), Hamilton OBC RPF, In the Heights (Star Trek: TOS and Supernatural are long-term interests of mine, but I will not likely create my own content for it anytime soon)

What kind of content I post: My current obsession is Hamilton, specifically Hamilton/Washington (though you will also see some other ships here and there). Darkfic is my #brand. I like reading and creating for a lot of different topics, but my muse naturally skews toward content that is mature, disturbing, and read at your own risk. I try very hard to tag, so if you follow and need me to tag an entry for particular content, please let me know. If you need a place to yell about the dark, twisted, super messed up stuff that might make other people shy away-- especially if it's Hamilton/Washington, general Hamilton, Hamilton OBC RPF, or In The Heights related-- I'm your person. I'm also obsessed with Christopher Jackson, so you will see a lot of posts/pictures of his beautiful face.

Access/commenting policies: Anon commenting is enabled for now, unless I see that it's becoming an issue. I will not tolerate any kind of trolling or hate, and those comments will be immediately deleted. Anyone can friend or unfriend at will; I do have a friends-lock set up, but there will likely not be very many posts that need to be that filtered. If you're not added to f-lock it's not anything against you-- I've been burned more than once during my time on tumblr and I'm a bit wary as a result.

Anything else?: If you're interested, there's a Hamilton/Washington community that needs more love! (I want to meet more wham fans!) Also, don't be put off by my empty blog, if you visit-- I'm still under construction.

As a final note, I ride and die by ship and let ship, don't like don't read, and your kink is not my kink and that's okay. I also believe that fiction is not a 1:1 correlation or causation to reality, and thought crimes are not a thing. I don't ascribe to being an anti-anti or a pro-shipper, because I've seen behavior and opinions I disagree with in those camps. Just know that I believe in real kindness to real people, and that such kindness is separate from the fictional stories and imaginings we create-- no fiction ever justifies abusing real people. If this sounds like you, welcome, and I hope to see you around. :)
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(EDIT: This practice poses some format and ethical issues, which were brought up to me in the comments. I think it is natural and healthy for our population of users to try out new things and develop our own ways of using the site, but it also important for us to respect DW's existing users and adapt ourselves to their ways of doing things. I'm going to leave this up so that other Tumblr immigrants can benefit from what we learned here.

We have taken the feedback and stopped using this format, which makes this post no longer relevant. I'm going to freeze comments since I think everyone has had ample opportunity to express their opinion. For new users looking for the proper way to signal boost other's posts, please see shy's guide to blockquotes. Thank you all for your input.)

So my friend [personal profile] shy_magpie has found a really great way to emulate reblogs, and it's actually quite simple to do. While threaded discussions are a vastly better way to talk one-on-one they really aren't good for Tumblr style memeing. (and personally, I am very, very passionate about the good old fashion shit post! I can't quit, you can't make me!) So for those times when you really, really want to copy someone's entire post and then add to it, here is a very simple method:

The codes in use are <dt> and <dd>. In normal HTML they are used to generate lists. <dt> is used for list items. <dd> is used for list details.

<dd>Black hot drink</dd>
<dd>White cold drink</dd>
<dd>Hated by Edward Elric</dd>

Would create:


Black hot drink


White cold drink

Hated by Edward Elric

So in order to create a faux reblog, all we need to do is put our username and the OP's username in <dt> brackets, and put the content of the entry/response in <dd> brackets. Out of respect to the OP, I think we should be in the practice of linking to the original posts and to all the journals involved in the discussion. So, with all that taken into account, the standard code would be formatted like this:

<dt> <user name=OP USERNAME> said <a href="ORIGINAL ENTRY URL">in this entry</a>:</dt>
<dt> <user name=YOUR USERNAME> said:</dt>

And when previewed should look like this:

[personal profile] dendriteblues said in this entry:

[community profile] questionoftheday Do you like strawberries?

my answer: Oh my god I love strawberries. When I was a kid my mom would always make the most delicious pies...blah blah blah.

[personal profile] dendriteblues said:

my answer: I like them too, but not for the reason you would think! As a kid I had a puppy named Strawberry Pie. What a great dog, let me tell you all about him for thousands and thousands of words. Blah, blah, blah.

There is no limit to the number of "reblogs" you can add to the list, it just gets longer and longer as it did on Tumblr. When you copy and paste the contents of the entry all of the links and HTML in that entry are preserved AS LONG AS YOU PASTE INTO THE RICH TEXT EDITOR. If you paste into the HTML editor, you will lose all the code and have to manually recreate it. EW! Likewise, if you paste into Rich Text and forget to switch to HTML before typing your <dt> and <dd> tags then your code won't work.

So to be as clear as possible, the procedure for posting a reblog should go like this:
  1. Copy the entry you want to reference.

  2. Click "Post Entry"

  3. Click "Rich Text" in the top right corner of your text box.

  4. Type CRL+V on PC or CMD+V on Mac to paste the entry.

  5. Click "HTML" in the top right corner of your text box.

  6. Paste the template code into the text box.

  7. Change the username to the OP's username and the URL to the original entry's URL

  8. Put <dd> and </dd> on either side of the original post.

  9. Move the second half of the template code below the OP's code and add your own username and comments.

  10. Hit preview and make sure everything looks correct.

It sounds like a lot, but once you do it a few times it becomes second nature. Obviously, it's quite a bit more work than just clicking a reblog button, but I think it will go a long way in helping us Tumblr refugees preserve the meme culture we are accustomed to. And all that while being able to have a civilized, threaded conversation when you want to. In a way, it's actually really cool. The best of both worlds.

Please let me know if you find this useful, or if you find it confusing. I'm not a coder, but I'll do my best to explain it!

(EDIT:   Also worth mentioning, reblogging is much easier after the intitial reblog. Because if a friend of yours reblogs a post and you want to reblog your friend's reblog, all you have to do is copy your friend's post and add <dt> and <dd> tags around your own comments. Your friend will have already done the formatting on the OP's post. So in theory, reblogging gets easier the more people do it.)
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My tumblr url: [tumblr.com profile] notenoughmoomins

Other sites: My twitter handle is the same as my tumblr, but it's really just me re-tweeting about Finnish politics, so it isn't likely to be all that interesting.

My fandoms: MCU, Riverdale, Spartacus, Thorki, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Good Omens, Mass Effect, the Magicians, Jane Austen, Hamilton.

Non-fandom interests: Tabletop RPGs, travelling, language learning, lurking in fandoms, dogs, education, reading & audiobooks, bingeing tv-shows, keeping this journal, larping, history, politics, video games, teaching

What kind of content I post: Here's the thing. My journal is hopelessly mundane. I was a lurker on Tumblr because I love watching fandom and all the things fans create. I'll write fanfic myself once in a blue moon, but mostly I'll post meta on whatever media I've consumed, or just about every day stuff: work, hobbies, life, etc. I run a tabletop RPG, and sometimes I might write about that. I'm not likely to post anything NSFW, but I enjoy seeing it on my own reading page.

Access/commenting policies: I friend lock posts fairly often, but I give access quite easily. I'm on DW because I enjoy the social aspect of it, after all. I'm in my 30's, and I feel most comfortable only adding people who are also adults.

Anything else?: LJ/DW was my original internet "home", so I'm actually really happy to be back here. I'm really interested to see what the Tumblr generation can bring to this style of social media.

Hullo 'Ullo

Jan. 2nd, 2019 03:29 pm
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My tumblr url:

songstersmiscellany (flagged as NSFW because of pictures of my late Terrier Gal and also some female-presenting nipples. OH and apparently they've gone after SFW YOI fanart big time so lots of that on my blog.)

Other sites: By request only.

My fandoms: Figure Skating, Yuri on Ice, Dogs (especially terriers), Mushi-shi, Natsume Yuujinchou, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, Princess Tutu, queer anime and manga in general, Middle Earth (Book fan of LoTR and SILM and the pre-LoTR world in general), Sherlock Holmes (now and forever Canon and Granada, ex-fan of BBC Sherlock though I can still stomach S1 and parts of S2), Harry Potter (primarily oriented to the 'verse in general and certain characters, especially Luna, Snape, Hermione, Harry, McGonagall), Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, M*A*S*H

I've Very Pronounced Feelings about my ships, as I tend to OTP or nothing (or at most extremely casual). M*A*S*H is the latter; YOI is the former for example. I also usually prefer being IC and canon-verse to AUs with a few exceptions, usually ones that strongly take into account being IC and believablity for those characters. If you only use a character's name and rough physical appearance my reaction will be "What is the point??" and *BACKSPACE* In short, a curmudgeonly fan.

Non-fandom interests: history (but not 95% of historical fiction as I prefer period diaries and letters), music (eclectic tastes from around the world and from folk musics to avant-garde musics), animal rescue, queer studies

What kind of content I post: Scattered and Intermittent so far I'm afraid. I've been around on DW for years, but ended up doing more on Tumblr. I used to enjoy writing fic recs and the occasional fanmix. I have my collection of best-loved BBC Sherlock fic recs, which I should update by adding YOI fics. Let's see if I can become more active here.

Access/commenting policies: Friends-only and 18+. Although like my Tumblr much of the content might be SFW, I still do post NSFW on occasion and rec fics up to E. Feel free to message me to susbcribe/access if you are 18 or above. Obviously I cannot verify your age, so I consider that your responsibility.

Anything else?: I'm a biromantic (grey?) Ace. No aphobes. Ditto goes for transphobes, homophobes, and people who treat "queer" as some uniquely terrible slur (as if gay and lesbian aren't and weren't also slurs, or queers studies isn't a thing). Misogyny and racism also = instant boot.


Jan. 1st, 2019 08:59 pm
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[personal profile] championshawke
My tumblr url: Void-Denizen is my main blog and where I follow from, while ChampionsHawke is my fandom blog

Other sites: Pernix on Fallen London

My fandoms: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dishonored, Legend of Zelda, Star Trek (mostly Next Generation and Voyager), Fallen London, A Song of Ice and Fire, Ancillary Justice, Discworld, the Adventure Zone, Prey, and more

What kind of content I post: Probably a mix of fanfiction and meta, but I'm not sure yet since it's a big change from tumblr

Access/commenting policies: No restrictions, feel free to comment or follow

Anything else?: I'm looking for communities and people with similar interests, and I'm excited to make some new friends :)
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[personal profile] abirdie
My tumblr url: 2-weird-4, but hopefully soon to be deleted (by me)

Other sites: @weirdbird4 on Twitter, though I'm bad at tweeting. 2weird4 on ao3, and I have over 50 fics on there! Ask for my Discord over messages if you'd like, I'm very happy to give it out!

My fandoms: DC Comics, primarily. I'm also really into Titans TV and am looking forward to the new season of Young Justice. Love Wonder Woman, haven't seen Aquaman yet, the rest of DCEU is irrelevant to me. I'm kind of a fandom orphan right now, looking for where I'll land next, so drop your recs for any active fandoms with women of color and femslash potential!

What kind of content I post: Still figuring that out! I'm thinking right now just a combination of musings and meta on fandom stuff, life things, maybe posts about vegetarian cooking, indie music, book reviews (feminist sci fi is my jam), episode reviews? I'd really like to make friends and comment on people's stuff more and have actual conversations with new people, I've missed that a lot.

Access/commenting policies: All public for now, I think, and should stay so unless I have any issues in the future? I'm brand new to this website, still working things out.

Anything else?: I'm looking for active communities focused on sci-fi books (are there like...book clubs on here or anything?), femslash, feminism/women and fandom, racism and fandom, and DC-related stuff would be great, too, so feel free to promo any communities you're part of! I'm a pro-shipper and interested in conversations around how fandom has changed and censorship and things like that.
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[personal profile] dalearmitage

My tumblr url: Deleted! Here now! Used to be dalearmitage, annoyangle, unifiedweirdnesstheory, spaceisyrbutt. I mostly did RP on Tumblr.

Other sites: This is pretty much it. I'm trying to wean off all the social media sites that are based on clickbait and eyeballs and get back into creating dedicated longform content.

My fandoms: Gravity Falls, Twin Peaks, King Falls AM, Adventure Time, Hannibal, Fullmetal Alchemist: B, Real Ghostbusters, Max Headroom, The Venture Brothers, Youtube longform essayists like Lindsay Ellis, Folding Ideas and Red Letter Media. I cut my teeth on culture jamming content from Negativland, EBN and their like: stuff from the A/V Geeks and the Prelinger Archive, too. I'm a SubGenius minister, but not a dick about it. I have complicated feels about David Lynch and his work. I can't stop watching cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen and Great British Bakeoff. Big fan of Charlie Brooker ever since I discovered the Screen/Game/Weekly/Newswipes and How TV Ruined Your Life ; oddly enough, haven't really managed to watch all of Black Mirror yet tho... I like other British shows too, mostly comedy and light quizzes like Monty Python, Not the Nine O'Clock News, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Mitchell & Webb, The Young Ones, Bit of Fry and Laurie, Upstart Crow, QI... I generally keep an eye on anime and try to find one show to watch per season, though I prefer older stuff like Yamato, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, Dirty Pair, etc.

I'm super keen on spooky small towns, Pacific Northwest Gothic, trees, tea, liminal spaces, tarot readings and tarot cards, and, as Agent Cooper once put it, "What we fear in the dark and what lies beyond the darkness."

Finally, I will never stop recommending Robert Hughes' absolutely epic Shock of the New miniseries or John Berger's Ways of Seeing - such food for thoughts about the relationship of art, media, and how they both shape and comment on society.

What kind of content I post
: Generally a mix of RP with my OC (journal entries, WIP and the character's random thoughts), short-form writing, complaining about my creative block, and smatterings of personal this and that. I have gotten used to Tumblr's 'lurk quietly and reblog pretty aesthetic' so in a certain sense it feels like writing longer posts is learning to walk all over again. I'm not sure what would even interest people...

Access/commenting policies:
Nothing for now, I might have a policy later..

Anything else?: I feel like I don't have much of a 'fandom identity' and I'm still sort of ambiguous as to whether trying to develop one is a good thing or a bad thing, given the state of the Internet in play at this point. Things are so different now than in 2007, and it's hard for me to want to stick my neck out very far (though I am actually fairly opinionated about some stuff.) Censorship is blossoming everywhere, everything is always terrible RL... Finding the balance of 'providing interesting things and opinions for other people to read' and 'protecting myself from brigading' is something I'm still trying to work out. I like using the word 'literally' too much and also using ellipses too much.


Dec. 23rd, 2018 09:40 pm
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My tumblr url: [tumblr.com profile] bookslifeandeverythingelse  (I'm still active there)

Other sites: 
[archiveofourown.org profile] Anjelica and bookslifeandeverythingelse.waterfall.social

My fandoms: Venom (movie. In general any of Tom Hardy's characters), Symbrock, Caryl, Clintasha, Pepperony, MCU, Bucky Barnes, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Timeless, Garcy, Loki (in general any of Tom Hiddleston's characters), A discovery of witches, Instinct, Italian literature, Doctor Who, LOTR (books and movies), Farawyn, all the movies in the Mad Max franchise, Maxiosa, Nuxable. I am probably forgetting more fandoms and ships, but if it is noir and/or thriller and/or horror, I am probably game.

What kind of content I post: I
 don't know how active I can be since I work full time. I'll probably post random photos, quotes, thoughts on the stuff I watch and read. Maybe some ff and graphics if I manage to find some time? But I can't promise anything.

Access/commenting policies: I don't have one, at least for now

Anything else?: I am a shipper and  I love talking about the ships/shows I love!
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My tumblr url: kkoraki

Other sites: AO3 @ Koraki. My twitter, dA, discord, instagram, and YouTube presences are all under my pro account name but I'm happy to share those privately once we get to know each other!

My fandoms: lots and lots, I am a happy multifandom dabbler! I tend to get into animated movies/shows, manga and indie comics, web series, and books, plus the occasional older live action movie.
  • Recent interests: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Hilda the Series, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and RWBY.
  • Long-term faves: the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Steven Universe, Les Mis (mostly the Brick and the Arai manga, but I'm stupid excited for the hot mess that is BBC Les Mis), the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Alien (and Aliens, and Resurrection), Warrior Cats, Cartoon Saloon films, Harry Potter, the Hornblower books, and Star Wars.
  • Also I am currently (sloooowly) reading Monster by Naoki Urasawa for the first time and would like to start posting about that when I get the chance!

What kind of content I post: Right now just exchange letters. I'll be busy with work through the beginning of the new year but hope to start regularly posting about things I read for the first time/reread, discussing my reactions to new media and adaptations, and talking a little bit about the characters and relationships I like. I also want to post more fic and fanart in 2019 so fingers crossed for that. And since running a blog proper is a new thing for me, I won't talk much about my life outside fandom but I might post the occasional thing about seeing a cute spider, or interesting weather conditions, or what it's like working in animation and how I got into that field and how my job is going since I enjoy it a lot (without details of where exactly I work or what exactly I make, though).

Access/commenting policies: None yet... though I'm not new to dreamwidth overall and have been lurking here for years I'm pretty new to dreamwidth as an unanon blogging platform. So if you ask for access I'll give it pending a quick look at your blog, and I think I have anon comments on for all my posts?

Anything else?: Similar to my multifandom preferences I am a multicontent kind of person! I like fanfic, fanart, fanvids, etc... and while I'm a committed multishipper, mostly of dudeslash and femslash, I really love gen as long as it's not of the "why are you ruining pure perfect friendships with Teh Gay" variety. Good worldbuilding/character explorations/platonic or familial relationship explorations are the dream.

I am always looking for new interesting series to consume, especially if they're animated or written and star multiple interesting female characters. Since I'm faceblind I'm more tentative about getting into live action canons but will try them out too! Basically I am a rec hound and am open to anything, and love talking to other people about what they like (fannish or just hobbyish in general).

Like I said earlier I won't be super active until later in the year, but if you want to get a good idea of what I like feel free to check out the more recent exchange letters on my blog.

Finally, one of the things I didn't really enjoy about tumblr was the constant pressure to discourse and examine your preferences in every tiny aspect of your personality, so my one exception to my blanket-access rule is if your blog tends toward lots of analytical eat-your-vegetables posts, political stuff (general politics or intra-community politics), and applying serious academic-style media analysis to, like, shipping and character preferences. Nothing wrong with that if it's your thing but I am in fandom exclusively to have fun and talk about stuff I like! If you want to have fun and talk about stuff you like, come on over, let's hang out :D
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My tumblr url: drcalvin.tumblr.com - I still read, and reply to posts there, but I'm going to move my focus to other sites. For the moment, primarely Dreamwidth

Other sites: I'm on both goodreads and AO3 under the same name. I haven't managed to get a Twitter yet.

My fandoms: European musicals! Especially Hungarian ones. I've mainly been active in Rómeó és Júlia and versions thereof, Szentivánéji álom/A Midsummer Night's Dream, Elisabeth, Mozart! and Tanz der Vampire. Also some operettas, like La Vie Parisienne and Csínom Palkó. I also fan Takarazuka Revue (if anyone has suggestions for active comms, I'm interested!), everything Brecht and general theater and opera. Les Misérables (dormant, but I'm tensely waiting for the BBC series), manga (One Piece, Golden Kamuy, Black Butler, From Eroica with Love, everything Fumi Yoshinaga, Sailor Moon and a whole bunch of older stuff), general writing, NaNoWriMo and Good Omens.

What kind of content I post: Personal blather and thoughts, reviews of plays I've seen or musical feels. Fanfic for fandoms you don't know ;)

Access/commenting policies: I'm currently posting most things openly, or just locked to everyone I've given access. At the moment, I'll probably access back (is that the word?) to everyone.

Anything else?: I made the community [community profile] hungarian_musicals to collect, back up and continue discussion from the small Tumblr fandom that exists for these shows (if anyone wants to find it on tumblr, the main tag, such as there is one, is sparkly-hungarian-fandom)
Oh, and my DW is older than the purge, so if you go back through it, there's a load of Hetalia fanfic, but that's currently not an active fandom.


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